01, Mar, 2021
Avoid Bad Argumentative essay topics College

Avoid Bad Argumentative essay topics College

Argumentative essay topics college

College is where it’s all about getting a decent grade, especially if you pass your test. This is where students are required to create argumentative essay topics. These topics cover different academic levels depending on the requirements of your teacher. College topics are usually short, usually between 300-700 words. They should be relevant and convincing.

Types of Argumentative Essay Topics

Different essay topics are applicable depending on the subject. For instance, you can include various kinds of essay topics depending on the subject. For instance, you could be writing a comparative essay about two sides of a subject. You could be writing a descriptive essay about a person or a place. Even the biological topics are often included. These topics tend to be narrow and focused because they need to cover a more significant portion of the content.

Structure of an Argumentative Essay Topics

Your topic should not appear out of place. Where you place it will determine the form it takes. You have to make it precise and engaging. Here is the structure you should use when writing your essay topics.

  1. Introduction-This should be brief and needs to be able to hook the reader. It should be clear about what the topic covers.
  2. Body – Here you need to present your facts, arguments and opinions logically.
  3. Conclusion-This is the part where you sum up your stand on your topic.

The following are common traits of argumentative essays.

Availability of Evidence

It is basic to use the facts and arguments presented in the content to back up your stand. The facts will be from your research. You need to prove that your ideas are valid and that they can be applied to the real-life situation.

Argumentative Essay Topics College

  1. Extracurricular activities and academic coursework is an example of an argumentative essay topic. These topics tend to be more formal but can cover a range of topics.
  2. Close friends and relatives also go under close friends and relatives. Such a topic is applicable when you are a family member and have close ties.
  3. Another example of a close relationship is friends-parties and hobbies, which come under this category.
  4. Political, social and societal issues that affect others are also covered in this category.
  5. Religions are a part of this category and cover topics such as religion, politics and government. Topics such as those concerning God, Hindu God, Muslim God, Buddhist God or Buddha will appear here. 

Likelihood of Popular Support

You should be aiming to create an impact, usually in the form of headlines or display your skills. For instance, you could write an excellent topic for a group party and highlight the events and the contributions that people had. This also applies when conducting a research paper as long as you have broad coverage.

Style of Writing

Have you ever read an argumentative essay and found it boring? This is usually because the writer makes a lot of technical phrases. Creating a good argumentative essay topic should be approached with the use of simple and easy to understand language. Avoid using technical words as they tend to bore the reader and make your work hard to write.

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