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An exposé as the first step of a <br /> scientific work

An exposé as the first step of a <br /> scientific work

Creating a science-based exposé prepares students a headache. That’s why they often make the decision to hire a professional writer. If you are looking for even a ghostwriter, you’ve come to the right place! Our ghostwriting agency is getting ready to write an excellent exposé for you and support you! Instruct us and let your worries fall!

Every scientific work, whether big or small, has clear formal rules and writing stages. You can rely not only on your creative thinking. In scientific work it comes to applying knowledge, but also to develop their own critical thinking by methodological approaches.

What is a scientific exposé? It is a detailed summary of the planned research process. Here you draw the main ideas of the research, methods and theories to which you zurückgreifst and questions to which you will try to answer. A synopsis forms the basis of a work, a book, a research source, out, worked with or against which something is being investigated. It resembles a sketch of subsequent scientific debate, for example. In a larger work. As part of the preparatory work to your master, seminar, thesis, dissertation or other scientific work, the outline helps you not suddenly overturn the established plan.

Advantages of an exposé for the thesis

  • covers conceptual strengths and weaknesses of a work
  • erleichterst up cooperation with the academic supervisor by you and think you are him the structure and the concept based on the synopsis in mind
  • helps you to prioritize the tasks at hand and to determine the scope of the chapter
  • deal writer’s block if you can follow a “road map”
  • an exposé can be used as a blueprint for sections of text, such as the introduction, you will lose no time during the writing process

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How do you write an exposé at the University

• Question

You must prove that you’re going to keep you busy in the work mainly with an interesting problem. Show also a publicly discussed topic on. As a starting point take a case from practice. One question can serve an observation that has already been established by scientific literature.

• Research Status and source research

An overview of the literature and other possible sources such as online surveys, statistics, etc. is necessary. If the work takes up a popular research topic, you should refer to the existing theories and their results.

• Key question and logical structure

The aim of the work you formulate in a central question or main hypothesis. This you can be broken down into more questions. From this you develop the first rough structure of the academic work that will serve as a logical framework. In this sense, about a chapter is written per thesis. The chapters are each divided into subsections where you will give explanations, declarations, claims and counter-arguments.

The method for the collection of data, analysis of literature, secondary analysis of existing sources, discussions with experts and conducted surveys you should only call in your exposé. Detailed you save up for the introduction or the practical part of the work.

• Results

Although the results at the end of the research are the subject, it is advisable to reconsider previously how the conclusions might be. Thus, the aim of the work is clear (to you). However, it does not mean that the results announced by you can not deviate from the actual. A work without plagiarism can always take an unexpected turn. In retrospect, you can correct your outline or supplement.

• Schedule and feasibility

Normally, all scientific papers have a time limit, since a processing period is set from registration work. Therefore, it is essential to make a specific timetable and also to keep it. The planned steps should be carried out strictly with existing resources such as time, skills, knowledge, any costs of the project.

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form as an exposé

The most important formatting guidelines include information on the page, font, font size and line spacing. In order to avoid subsequent corrections in the format, you should configure in advance the appropriate word processing program such as Word or MacDoc. Basically, the side edge should be respectively 1.5 cm above and below. Links 3.5 cm margin to be left in the control, while the right edge is 2.5 cm. However, this information may differ from university to university. The page number should be in the header or footer. Most than Arial 11 pts. Or Times New Roman 12 pt. As a default font size. In any case, the same font for all the text is to be used. In general, the line spacing for the entire working text to point 1.5 is. Align.