19, Jan, 2021
A Good Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School

A Good Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School

The Difference Between an Argumentative Essay Topic and a Persuasive Essay Topic

Writing compelling academic papers is never easy. One major challenge comes in when a student is experimenting with their skill at writing persuasive essays. Failing to impress your tutor may significantly impede your performance on exams. On the other hand, well-structured argumentative essay topics are far more beneficial when working towards improving your comprehension of the subject matter.

A persuasive essay topic is most commonly found in a formal setting, such as an argumentative essay assignment. In which case, a student is expected to indicate how they support their stance on a given topic. This is typically done through supporting evidence and convincing evidence. However, an argumentative essay topic for a middle school student is a bit more expansive. On the one hand, it could mean the student is gauging their understanding of various issues related to a particular subject matter.

Furthermore, an argumentative essay topic can also come in the form of argument in favor of or against a subject matter. Hence, it often gives the student the option of either maintaining or changing their stance on the matter. It is also relevant to point out that it does not necessarily have to do with specific facts. This can mean that it can be a broader field that expands to include information from both sides of a debate.

Types of Argumentative Essay Topics in Middle School

Students are usually required to develop argumentative essay topics for their essays in middle school. These two types are typically defined and categorized as follows:

  • Individuals

This is the typical type of essay essay. The reader is presented with the opportunity to air their opinions on a given topic. In this case, the student must bring out their opinion on the subject at hand. Hence, the student needs to highlight all the instances in which they see the topic currently fits into the school. The onus lies on the student to bring out support for their arguments.

Individual argumentative essay topics usually tend to revolve around specific areas. For instance, an argumentative essay might highlight the positive or negative effects of a given situation. In this case, the reader is supposed to provide relevant evidence for either side. The topic is supposed to be expounded upon after bringing out the argument. Hence, the school assignment’s choice of topic can either make or break your performance in exams.

  • Politically

In this case, a student is expected to talk about a political issue. For a middle school student, the topic has more elements that allow them to explore the notion. For instance, the student might ask themselves rhetorical questions such as;

  1. What is the right policy to enact for such a situation?
  2. Why should we change anything?

The students are then expected to come up with new or innovative policy solutions to this problem. At this point, it is essential to point out that since the essay is an individual essay, a student’s opinion does not have to be connected to their identity. It could even come out from a generalized viewpoint.

Role of Evidence in Argumentative Essay Topics

As we have seen, an argumentative essay topic is not the sole source of information for a student to include in their write-up. The student is also expected to back their assertions with valid evidence. This enables the student to capture the reader’s attention on the topic.

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